It’s so beautiful today and you’ve probably completely lost your mind; it’s hard to think about being indoors when there’s no guarantee that winter has really gone into hiberation. But we’ve got a suggestion for you after you settle down and you’re looking for an indoor breather.  Neither Wolf Nor Dog is showing at Tower Theaters in South Hadley today. The film is based on Kent Nerburn’s 1996 novel about his immersion into a group of Lakota. One of the elders, played by the late David Bald Eagle, asks him to writer a book based on a box of notes. The film’s synopsis says, “the elder uses the opportunity to poke holes in Nerburn’s — and the audience’s — assumptions about Native people. David Bald Eagle passed away at the age of 97 a year ago, but when he saw the film, he said, “It’s the only film I’ve been in about my people that told the truth.”  We can all agree that breaking down stereotypes is a good way to spend a spring afternoon. South Hadley’s Tower Theaters, 19 College St., South Hadley. 413-533-3456.