Throw caution to the wind and check out of Montreal at Gateway City Arts tonight. They’re music is an irrepressible synthesis of dance and modern psychedelia.  They’ve been around since the ’90s and released their 15th album in January. It’s called White is Relic, and founder and lead singer Kevin Barnes says, “musically, I was very inspired by the extended dance mixes that people used to make for pop singles back in the ‘80s.”  You really can’t go wrong if the ’80s is your inspiration, can you? No, you cannot.

Even better! Check out Barnes’ description of their new effort: “White Is Relic was inspired by James Baldwin’s writings regarding the creation and propagation of a toxic American White identity. I’ve come to learn how it’s just a tool wielded by the 1% to give poor white people a false sense of superiority in an effort to keep the masses placated and numb to how deeply we’re all getting fucked by our capitalist rulers ….” Oooh wee! That’s some good resistance right there! $20 adv / $25 door.  Gateway City Arts, 92 Race St., Holyoke.