Cool off with a little “Culture in the Cold War.” Amherst Cinema (yes, the movies are a great way to escape this hellish heat) is showing a FREE screening of The Naked Man on the Sports Field.  It’s too hot to get bogged down in words, so I’ll just share the plot as told by AC’s website:

“Kemmel is almost 40. Although little throws the good-natured sculptor off, he is torn… between wanting to address his generation’s memories of the Holocaust, and disappointment that many people don’t understand his works—despite state programs to bring art to the public. One day, he offers to make a sculpture for the sports field in his hometown.”

The Naked Man on the Sports Field is a tongue-in-cheek, episodic film based on the life of East German sculptor Werner Stötzer.  It tells the “story about the role of art and artists in society …. early-1970s East Germany.” Amherst Cinema Members can reserve free tickets online. General admission free tickets available only at the Amherst Cinema box office (not online).  Amherst Cinema, 28 Amity St., Amherst.

Note: if you look for a trailer for this film, you’ll find clips of naked dudes running on soccer fields.  But you might be into that sort of thing. No judgement.