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Reactions to the Advocate’s endorsement of Chelsea Kline

In response to “Vote for Chelsea Kline for State Senate on Sept. 4” (August 2 -15, 2018): 

The Advocate’s choice for the replacement of Stan Rosenberg in the State Senate is unfortunately misguided. Dave starts off with the wrong assumption, implying that the decision to vote for a candidate rests primarily “on their words.” How about on their past actions, experience, successes and vision? Looked at in that light, Jo Comerford is the only candidate who can not only fill Stan’s substantial shoes but also hit the ground running in them.

Although Chelsea has an impressive backstory, it is only tangentially relevant. It is the future with which we should be concerned and Jo’s experience — seven years as the director of the western Massachusetts American Friends Service Committee, then the director of programs at The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, then the executive director of the National Priorities Project and most recently as Campaign Director for MoveOn — provides her constituents with what we need most: an activist who knows how to get things done, even when working with politicians.

I suggest that your readers write in Joanne Comerford, 186 Federal St. Northampton on September 4th.

—David Greenberg, Colrain

I love Chelsea’s candidacy. She knows and cares about the issues; she’s lived it! She’s earned the endorsement of the Advocate editors, former state Rep. Denise Andrews, and Bay State Stonewall Democrats, an LGBTQ+ advocacy organization. She knows struggle and achievement, higher ed and public schools. I’ll be voting for her.

—Suzanne Farrington, Facebook comment

Writing in Steve Connor. In my opinion, he’s a better choice for my interests and taking care of our veterans.

All those who are running are Democrats anyway, so the party is literally eating itself and dividing their voting following.

And with Ms. Kline making claims against others (i.e. the sexism claim against Murphy, when he was giving her a compliment), only shows she is more likely to make conflict than solve problems.

—Crystal Lynn, Facebook comment

Dave Eisenstadter’s article supporting Chelsea Kline for State Senate was surprising to me. His main support came from her declaring her candidacy before Rosenberg resigned and calls that political courage. While Chelsea Kline is a good progressive candidate, to ignore Jo Comerford’s vast and relevant experience, as well as courage and wisdom, just because she’s a write in candidate, is foolish.

Jo Comerford has been a leader in the progressive community for decades, and has proven to be able to work effectively as an organizer, program coordinator, and activist with AFSC, The Food Bank, National Priorities Project, and MoveOn. She has been a tireless advocate for the people. Jo Comerford has my vote on Sept. 4.

—Tusi Ritachild, email