A usually calm herd of cows became vigilantes when they began chasing a fleeing suspect in Sanford, Florida. The Sanford Police Department said officers attempted to make a traffic stop on a stolen vehicle. The driver took off and crashed into a ditch. The passenger fled the vehicle at which time the cows decided to make a citizen’s arrest. “A group of cows provided law enforcement a big assist, repeatedly following and helping corral one who strayed onto their turf,” the sheriff’s office said. The driver and passengers were booked on charges of drug possession, resisting arrest, trespassing and petty theft.

Baby Mama Drama

Here’s another reason to watch Seinfeld. A woman in Maryland tested positive for opiates after eating a poppy seed bagel before giving birth.  A doctor told a woman in labor that she had tested positive for opiates and she had been reported to the state; her baby girl had to stay in the hospital for five days while her mother was assigned a caseworker. After accepting the poppy seed defence, she was free to take her baby.

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment writes that until food manufacturers reduce morphine levels in poppy seeds, it advises against excessive consumption, particularly during pregnancy.

What a bunch of crap

A man is accused of dumping a bucket containing human fecal matter and urine inside a 7-Eleven in … yes, Florida. The porta-potty poop ruined about $28 in inventory. Fortunately, the whole thing was captured on surveillance and the guy was charged with criminal mischief and trespassing. Cops say it may have been an act of revenge; the man had been banned from the store a few months ago.

He’s all wet

A van driver in Ottawa, Canada either had a perverse sense of humor or was just a jerk. He was filmed deliberately driving through huge puddles during a storm in order to super soak unsuspecting pedestrians. Turns out he’s the one who’s all wet: he was fired when an online clip recorded by another vehicle came to his employers attention. Police decided not to press charges.


A 14-year-old boy in Pakistan has trained himself to turn his head a complete 180 degrees so that he can look directly behind himself.  Eww … He’s is being called a “human owl.”

“I must have been six or seven when I saw an actor in a Hollywood horror movie turning his head to look behind him. I started practicing for it and within a few months, I was able to do it,” the boy said. Apparently no one told him about Special FX. Now the creepy kid is hoping Hollywood will come knocking. BTW: He trains constantly to keep up his elasticity.

Library detectives

More than 20 librarians from the New York Public Library meet regularly to solve mysteries. What kind of bookish mysteries do librarians have to solve, you may wonder? These librarians are ace encyclopedic detectives on the hunt for hard-to-find books with only the vaguest of synopses, such as a book about the Pope’s sex life and what it means if you dream about being chased by elephants. If you’re looking for a book in New York City, but you don’t know the author or title of the book, these detectives are on the case.

Rogue goats

A couple of weeks ago, a neighborhood in Boise, Idaho was invaded by about 100 goats, according to a reporter for KTVB. What led to an army of goats snacking on lawns, flower bushes, and stripping leaves to make trees bare? Well, apparently there’s a company called “We Rent Goats,” which as the name implies rents goats out to help kill weeds. The goat invasion ended when the company tracked down their animal landscaping specialists after they wandered off the job site.

Crows for hire

An historic theme park in France is training crows to clean up the grounds by picking up cigarette butts and other rubbish. According to the president of the Puy de Fou park in Vendee, France, the six crows trained to keep the park clean shows visitors that nature itself could teach people to care for the environment, but the initiative really sounds more like a cost cutting plan. The crows work every Friday and are rewarded with a nugget of food for every piece of trash they drop in a box.

Why does your baby have gills?

A caper took place at a Texas aquarium. Three thieves stole a horn shark named “Miss Helen” by wrapping its tail in a wet blanket and placing it in a bucket that sat in a baby’s stroller. Two men and a woman were caught on CCTV lifting the 18-inch shark from a pool where visitors are allowed to pet some species of fish. Police later arrested a 38-year-old man in connection to the crime, according to ABC News affiliate KSAT12. Miss Helen was then safely recovered and taken back to her aquarium.