Best of the Valley Readers’ Poll

The poll will be open from noon on December 20th through 5 p.m. on January 31st. For over thirty years, the people of Western Massachusetts have been making their voice heard by voting in the Valley Advocate’s Best of the Valley Readers’ Poll. From favorite art museum and pizza place, to hair salon and dentist, Best Of voters have been showing their support for those businesses that are an integral part of the fabric of their lives in the Pioneer Valley. Be a part of Best Of history, and show your support for those businesses that make a difference in your life by voting for them in the 2019 Best of the Valley Readers’ Poll!


Best of the Valley Rules and Regulations

1. Only one ballot per person.
2. The name and a valid email address must be completely filled out, your ballot will not be counted otherwise.
3. You must vote for 10 or more businesses for your ballot to be counted. Incomplete ballots will be rejected.
4. Clarity counts. If we can’t figure it out we don’t count it (no nicknames please).
5. Ballots must be submitted online by 5pm on Thursday January 31st.
6. You will need to confirm your vote once your survey is completed. You will receive a confirmation email from CROWDSIGNAL, please click on the confirmation button in that email. All votes must be confirmed by 5 p.m. on Thursday January 31st to be counted.
7. If any company appears to be stuffing the ballots, we will delete all entries and reserve the right to exclude it from the poll.
8. The winner of each category is determined solely by the vote total of the Valley Advocate readers. No preferential treatment is shown to advertisers in the Valley Advocate, or Newspapers of New England.
9. Winners of the 2019 Best Of the Valley Readers’ poll will be announced in the April 25th issue.
10. No self-created paper ballots will be accepted. Voting is online at only.