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Best Body piercing shop

Best Body piercing shop - Lucky's Tattoo & Piercing

“Lucky’s is a place where everyone is treated 100 percent equal,” says Patrick McDonald, tattoo manager and artist. “We’re very different than other shops. We let the consumer be in charge.” A Pioneer Valley stalwart, Lucky’s has been on scene since 1998 and is seeing a real growth in business. Not only did they recently open a shop in Cambridge, but they expanded to King Street in Northampton, as well. “Business is fantastic,” MacDonald says. When asked what he’d say to all the folks who made Lucky’s the Best of the Valley for both Tattoo and Body Piercing, MacDonald says stoically, “Thanks so very kindly. We are so happy to serve you.”

2nd Place

Haven Body Arts Piercing & Tattoo

3rd Place

Bang Bang Body Arts