The Alvah Stone

Best Creative American fare restaurant

Best Creative American fare restaurant - The Alvah Stone

For five years, the Alvah Stone has been creating memorable experiences for their guests, whether you’re eating a meal that features farm-fresh produce or drinking an innovative cocktail. It’s an exciting feeling to be there. General manager Deidre Kelly says, “We have a fantastic crew from our chef Corey Webber, to all our cooks, bartenders, and servers.” She continues, “They are all such vibrant personalities.” Howard Wein, the owner, wanted to open the kind of restaurant he wanted to see in his neighborhood. The office where he worked overlooked the Montague Bookmill. Once that space was available, Wein took a leap of faith and fulfilled his dream. As part of its five-year birthday celebration, the Alvah Stone is launching ALVAH 5.0, a series of updates and changes to the restaurant designed to keep the experience fresh, relevant, and rewarding for all its loyal guests. “We are thrilled to have been recognized more than ever by the Best of the Valley,” Kelly says. “It gives our team the credit they deserve for their hard work, commitment to authentic hospitality, and to exceeding guest expectations on a daily basis.”

2nd Place

Coco & The Cellar Bar

3rd Place

Daily Operation