Holyoke Hummus Company

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Best Food truck - Holyoke Hummus Company

John Grossman, who goes by the title “Chief Falafeleer,” says that at Holyoke Hummus, they make “hummus-flavored hummus.” The company began serving mobile falafel and hummus in 2014 and bought their truck, the Great Garbanzo, in 2016. The restaurant in Holyoke at 285 High Street opened in 2017, which “has made it much easier to operate the truck. We can hire more people now and we’re growing all the time,” Grossman says. He says that they treat every customer like family. “We’re so happy to see them when they come to the truck or the restaurant.” Grossman thanks Abandoned Building Brewery in Easthampton for helping grow the food truck culture in the Valley with Food Truck Fridays. Customers love the hummus, falafel, pickled turnip, tomato cucumber salad, and they’re passionate about the fried brussel sprouts drizzled in tahini sauce, too.

2nd Place

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3rd Place

Local Burgy