We’re relaunching the Valley Advocate Podcast! Last year, we had a good run partnering with Amherst Media to produce video podcasts. Now we’re back both with audio-only and video versions!

Up first is guest Maureen O’Reilly, who talks about her Advocate cover stories “Rising Above Expectations: Teen moms, struggling students get degrees through Holyoke’s Care Center” and “Mini Bottles — MEGA MESS: Agawam man on a daily quest to get trash off the streets.

Listen here:

O’Reilly spoke to Care Center students about how they got engaged with the center’s college programs, including the Clemente Course and the Bard Microcollege program. Info can be found at www.carecenterholyoke.org.

She also, for a different story, trailed Agawam litter collector Jack Coughlin, who goes out every day to pick up trash along the roads and parks.

In the future, we’ll be posting Valley Advocate Podcast episodes weekly, along with podcast versions of our Valley Advocate Sessions videos.