Historical examples appropriate in border discussion

In response to “Between the Lines: A Moral and Humanitarian Crisis at the Border,” published July 4-10, 2019.

Hello, Dave. My family background is similar to yours. My parents and grandparents were refugees from Nazi Germany and Austria, and I am well aware of how difficult it was to emigrate to the United States — or to anywhere, for that matter. Many of their relatives ended up in Auschwitz and other death camps because of that exclusionary policy. The memory of their experiences has been among the personal sources of my outrage about the concentration camps on our southern border, the criminal and racist behavior of the Trump Administration in that regard, and our inhuman immigration policies.

I recall my grandmother telling me that while still in Germany she heard Josef Goebbels on the radio referring to the St. Louis incident and saying, “See, none of those other countries want the Jews either.” And she said she knew he was right.

Thank you for providing those appropriate historical examples.

— Michael Engel, Ludlow

‘We live in exciting times’ … when families are separated at the U.S. border

In response to “Between the Lines: A Moral and Humanitarian Crisis at the Border,” published July 4-10, 2019.

There is a refreshing and growing sentiment among many in the Pioneer Valley that “Republicans have their flaws, but the other political party is insane.” Democrats say that the president is out of control. What they mean to say is that the president is out of [their] control and this is precisely what makes Democrat operatives extremely nervous. Democrats never expected President Trump to win in 2016.

Regarding your recent editorial “A Moral and Humanitarian Crisis at the Border”: “Recent studies show” that 100 percent of the people who stay in their own countries don’t get detained and separated from their children at the border.** This Democrat-inspired invasion of America is coming to a swift and well-deserved end while calling attention to the fact that Democrats have (without question) departed from their marbles. We live in exciting times.

— Bill Santy, Chicopee

**Editor’s note: Bill Santy, I’m publishing your letter, but must point out that the forced gang recruitment, killing of family members, rape, and police harassment experienced by refugees in their home countries can easily fall under the categories of “detainment” and “family separation,” in addition to threatening refugees very lives and those of their families. — D.E.

Climate change causes conflict

Why is no one reporting on the cause of unrest in Central America? It is the same that started the civil war in Syria, i.e. CLIMATE CHANGE! In Syria the farmland was becoming a desert due to drought and people were asking for help from their government. When they got none, they started protesting in the streets. Instead of sending aid the government focused on stamping down the protests, hence the civil rebellion.

In Central America, the issue is also climate change. The coffee crop, the corn crop, all crops are failing. People are in dire straights, facing starvation if they stay. Violence comes with desperation. They really have no choice but to walk north.

Mass migration is one of many consequences of climate change along with floods, drought, fires, super storms, etc. Why isn’t climate change noted in the news. There is something we could do to help people stay in their countries of origin. We could stop polluting the atmosphere. Per capita, the U.S. is the biggest polluter. We need a more knowledgeable, more intelligent and better read president to get us off fossil fuels as is happening in so many other places where there is intelligent leadership.

In the meanwhile I would like to sponsor a family being held at the border, parents and children. How can I do that?

— Malita Brown, Wilbraham

Trump shows his true colors

I watched our coward-in-chief at his obviously illegal, taxpayer-financed campaign rally the other night. Beside being something a fascist or communist dictator would do, lining up intimidating tanks (Tiananmen Square, anyone?), wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on flyovers, including stuffing the first couple hundred rows with his Trumpswabs, he showed his true colors (once again) as a leader and a man. His “call to arms” encouraging young people to join the military, since it is the “right thing to do,” and “gives them an opportunity to serve their country” certainly rings hollow considering the source. We all know what Trump and his entire family did when THEY had that opportunity. Now he wants others to do it. Despicable. Why should the youth of working-class America fight to protect the wealthy, capitalist upper classes when they are unwilling to do it themselves? This man has no depth of hypocrisy and depravity he will not sink to, to aggrandize himself and increase his already bloated family coffers. Republicans, find your spines, find your honor, find your true patriotism and love for America. Stand up and say, “ENOUGH!!”

— Paul Basile, Longmeadow