A mayor that makes blood boil

In response to “Sarno a No Show: As election looms, critics say Springfield’s mayor not there for all,” published August 22 – 28, 2019.

The mayor led the charge and marched onto the Hampshire College campus to protest the decision to take down a flag. In a community that is not his, on a private campus, for an action that is protected by the Constitution. This man makes my blood boil.

— Gina Duarte, Facebook comment

Get rid of this fratboy.

— Jeffrey Charles, Facebook comment

Don Dom makes the trains run. FOUR MORE YEARS.

— Mike Shivick, Facebook comment

Stop the circular firing squad

As one sanctimonious Northampton person to another, I really wish that Timmons Wallis had simply tucked that ‘open letter’ guest column addressed to Senator Elizabeth Warren (Daily Hampshire Gazette, Monday, August 5, 2019) into an envelope and discretely mailed it to her via U.S. post. I fail to see how arrogant posturing can be a sincere attempt to advise, if not to admonish and berate, the Honorable Senator for a “poor” performance in the last so called “debate,” and how will that somehow further the cause of abolishing nuclear weapons. Is leaving the field vulnerable to the likes of supposed “peace” candidate Tulsi Gabbard, who voted for nuclear tipped cruise missiles, to be preferred?

I also fail to see how any single human could extemporaneously enumerate every point of Wallis’ anti-nuclear agenda to completely satisfy the harsh purity test being only applied to Warren. Please allow me to further posit that no human being alive or deceased could possibly have the super human traits Wallis is demanding as necessary to overtake the debate proceeding given the limited time allotment in a forum of nearly a dozen participants and also to miraculously emphasize each and every salient point expected on the fly. Far be it from me, a less distinguished liberal arts grad to deign to advise, criticize, or scold the Honorable Senator under fire. Elizabeth Warren is the best we have — and while not the perfect specimen of political correctness — just not good enough for Timmons Wallis, another dismaying example of how the corporate owned and operated media have once again successfully set up one liberal to take aim at another in that ubiquitous circular firing squad.

Ever generous to a fault, the Gazette managed to do a nice smear job on Elizabeth Warren thanks to Timmons Wallis’ impressively applied effort. If anyone ever has the temerity to brand me as a liberal I will immediately get sick to my stomach. As a staunch Warren supporter may it now be my conservative duty and privilege to defend her here.

Exactly who is being assisted by this unwarranted and totally unnecessary attack on the best candidate the Democratic party has seen in many years? Furthermore, in this the most serious fight ever to be undertaken in treacherous times is there really that much time available for liberals to waste more time on their avowed practice of never missing the opportunity to bash their own?

—Pam Hyjek, Northampton

Wildlife in danger

I have recently seen a mountain lion and her cub in south Amherst and they are both in sad shape. As you may or not know, the ticks are decimating the forest animals, it is reported they kill 70 percent of the moose litters and as they drain the blood from the adult moose, the hair on the anemic moose turn white. Similarly, the hair on the adult lion has turned all white, and the animal is all skin and bones. The mountain lion is so anemic that this spring’s litter was only one cub. The cub is also appears to be underweight. The problem is that mom may die long before the cub reaches adulthood, and the cub may require some human intervention to survive. So be alert if you see a starved-looking lion cub all by itself. One clue that the lions may be dining in your area is that all the gray squirrels will disappear.

— Alan Lasser, email