Defining ‘bad for business’

In response to “Petition directed at IHEG costs co-creator her job at Gateway City Arts,” published Sept 12 – 18.

This is horrible. Gateway City Arts should be proud to have employees who stand up for the rights of musicians, artists, and arts workers. Looks like GCA is the IHEG of Holyoke.

— Danielle Amadeo, Facebook comment

WHAT, I’m furious!!! If Gateway City Arts thinks that’s a good move on their part, they’re wrong!! I couldn’t step foot in this place even if I wanted to unless they did something significant to right this. The only reason I know about the damn place is because of Caity’s work/advocacy, and she is the reason I believed this place was worth supporting.

— Emily Elizabeth Moran, Facebook comment

I’m sure she did this with the right intentions but it was inappropriate. Hopefully she learns from it but considering the quote in the article she doesn’t seem to be showing much of an understanding of why this was a problem. I certainly would be wary of hiring her for a position of any authority. And that sucks because she did a kick ass job at GCA and really helped expand their reach.

— Evan H Gregg, Facebook comment

No one commenting here understands that what this woman did, was essentially bad for business and would reflect badly on the venue/company/organization that she represented.

Pull stunts like this, and you’ll have to deal with consequences… in this case, she’s lucky to just lose her job and not have a lawsuit against her.

— Crystal Lynn, Facebook comment

Fixing and exposing problems are not bad for business. Addressing them, sharing ideas and opening channels of communication is good for business, the arts and artists as well as the community. Come on if 1/2 those problems are real, they need to be addressed. If its not true, that should also be addressed publicly. IMHO

— Sandy Villiard Bronner, Facebook comment

Legal, but unethical

In response to “‘I was told what he did to me was legal’: Woman testifies about teen relationship with Granby teacher to change state consent laws,” published Sept 12-18.

Legal, but unethical. That teacher should be barred from teaching permanently by the national licensing board.

— Marianne Milton, Facebook comment

Thank you for your courage, Gina.

— Zoe Helene, Facebook comment

Not a Teacher. A Sexual Predator

— David Romashko, Facebook comment

So many articles of teachers raiding their charges these days. Almost seems like the opening day of deer hunting season on our daughters.

— Steve William Lindsey, Facebook comment

Morse belatedly on board with progressive agenda

In response to “Between the Lines: Where is Elizabeth Warren’s endorsement in the Neal-Morse race?” published Sept. 12-18.

LMAO, maybe it’s right where Morse’s was for Sanders in 2016? That is, nonexistent. He supported Clinton. (In the primary.) And Coakley before that. (Also in the primary.) I’m glad he’s now on board with a progressive agenda, however belatedly, even if it seems more about expedience than deep-rooted commitment. I’d welcome it if Dems who remain cozy with the establishment status quo finally started seeing some penalty for that (speaking of Warren here, though in many respects I like her and am glad she’s my senator at least). And I recognize that whatever his faults and imperfect record, Morse would be an improvement over Neal (what a very, very low bar indeed). But honestly, this right here is just too rich not to comment on for anyone who’s paid an ounce of attention or retains any memory at all.

— Susan Van Pelt, Facebook comment