In the Socks of Fox

If you ever watch the Fox network and think — are these guys on something? — turns out some of them likely are. A reporter for Fox Business was busted last week at a Manhattan courthouse with a crack pipe in his sock. The man was ticketed and escorted out of the court last week after security spotted the pipe sticking out of his sock. He faces a possession of drug paraphernalia charge. He was in the courthouse covering the ongoing trial over a proposed merger between T-Mobile and Sprint. Jarring, yet not totally unexpected, to be honest. Spin machines need propellers to work properly.

Starting a trade war with Wakanda

Chalk it up to incompetence or a joke of sorts, the United States Department of Agriculture listed Wakanda — a fictional nation in the Marvel comic book universe — as a free-trade partner. Apparently, the United States and the Kingdom of Wakanda traded ducks, donkeys, and dairy cows, according to the list created by the U.S. agency. That is until media outlets called them out on it and the agency was forced to take it down and a spokesperson said it was added by accident. Well, no shit. Only the brightest, folks.

The only bar in town

Not only is the Jersey Lilly the only bar in town for the 13-resident community of Ingomar, Montana, it’s the only business in town as well. The bar has survived two World Wars, the Great Depression, and a fire that nearly wiped the small town off the map. Now, this historic 1914 bar can be yours, dear Bizarro Briefs reader, for the mere asking price of $225,000. Here’s another selling point — the nearest town, Forsyth, is only 44 miles away.

Lobstah chase

A man from South Boston was recently arrested in Charlestown after he was chased by employees working at a local lobster company for allegedly stealing a truck with about $10,000 worth of the big red sea beauties inside. The 29-year-old man allegedly jumped into the lobster company’s box truck while workers were loading it onto a dock, hijacked the vehicle and sped off, the Boston Police Department stated. The employees caught up with the man near Medford and Main streets while chasing him down in another truck. It was then that the man crashed into the other truck at around 12:40 p.m. and was detained by the employees until police arrived. The man has been charged with receiving a stolen motor vehicle, operating after revocation/ suspension, and assault and battery as well as threats to commit harm. No charge on the stolen lobsters, apparently.