Immigration policies make vultures puke

It’s not clear if they’re making a statement about the Trump administration’s immigration policies. But whatever the reason, a large group of vultures has been getting the drop, so to speak, on a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) radio tower in Texas, fouling it with so much excrement, urine, and vomit that the facility’s communication system isn’t working properly. According to news reports, up to 300 vultures that frequent the site at Kingsville, on the Texas-Mexico border, have coated the tower “with droppings mixed with urine.” The birds’ vomit, meantime, corrodes the metal in radio towers. Under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, it’s illegal to kill vultures, so the CBP is looking for other solutions to its Kingsville problem, including covering the tower with a giant net to prevent the birds from roosting there.

Diaper disaster

Many people get their shit on Amazon, but not literally. At least, not literally for most people. A New Jersey couple recently got an unwelcome surprise in a monthly shipment of diapers delivered to their home by the online behemoth — the diapers were used. “I picked up the pack to kind of take a closer look (and) that’s when the stench hit me,” the husband said. The diapers had urine in them, and one had poop. The couple bought two boxes, one of which was listed “new” and the other listed as “Used: like new,” which one imagines might have been the offending box. Amazon’s customer service wasn’t exactly helpful. Apparently the agent, possibly misunderstanding the situation, said that as a courtesy the couple could keep the item instead of having to ship it back.

Toilet paper pyramid

A high school robotics team from Michigan is trying to raise money by selling more than 27,000 rolls of toilet paper that were used to construct the world’s tallest toilet paper pyramid. Bullock Creek High School’s robotics team built the pyramid in the school’s atrium as part of its yearly fundraising efforts. The pyramid is 16 feet and three inches tall and 5/8ths of an inch thick, which is almost two feet taller than the previous world record. It took the students about 16 hours to construct the toilet paper pyramid.

Hacked sign

Someone hacked an electronic roadway sign in Kentucky asking drivers to “Send nudes.” The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet confirmed that the sign, located at the side of Kentucky Route 92 in Whitley County, was hacked on a recent Thursday morning, who changed the message to drivers. According to officials, the sign was then shut off after the message was discovered and corrected by a worker.