The Bite of a Yogi

A 46-year-old Maryland woman is charged in court with second-degree assault after she allegedly bit a man’s neck for peeing on her yoga mat in late January. The story appeared in the Baltimore Sun last week. Although there are still details to come to light, the basic facts are as follows: Police responded to a residence in Sykesville at about 4:30 a.m. to find a man bleeding from the neck with blood on his shirt in the driveway. He told police that he “did not know what room he was in” when he urinated on the woman’s yoga mat, and assured police he was not intoxicated. The man was taken to the hospital after police observed him bleeding from the wound on the right side of his neck with another red mark on the left side. The woman told police that she heard the man urinating in the other room, and then they “tussled” down the hallway and she bit him to escape. The woman was released on $7,500 bond and the man does not face criminal charges.

Wish we thought of that …

A Utah man is facing criminal charges for a scheme he concocted to stay rent free at hotels. Police allege the 37-year-old would release rodents, such as mice and hamsters, in his hotel room then complain about it to get the room for free. The man would point to feces left by the rodents, and hotels are forced to contact pest control when animals and feces are found in rooms. The man is facing two charges of theft by deception and three counts of criminal mischief.

Undergoing dialysis? Donald Trump can help

A Florida man who began bringing a life-sized cardboard cutout of Donald Trump to his dialysis sessions for emotional support is upset that the hospital will no longer allow him to have his prop alongside him. According to the Associated Press, Nelson Gibson told a West Palm Beach television station that he began bringing the cardboard president with him for the three-and-a-half-hour treatments because family members cannot join him. “It just feels like bringing something from home to make you comfortable,” he told WPBF-TV. Nelson said he first began bringing a photo of Trump to his treatments, then a small cardboard cutout of himself standing next to a Trump photo — and no one in the hospital objected. But officials then drew the line at the full-size Trump cutout, saying in a statement that they only allow “reasonably sized items into our dialysis centers that do not create safety or infection control issues, or interfere with caregivers on the treatment floor.” No word on how hospital officials voted in the 2016 presidential election. But Gibson said staff there told him the large Trump cutout was “too much and it wasn’t a rally.”

A proposal visible from space

A German farmer’s eccentric marriage proposal can be seen on Google Earth. The farmer planted corn and later shaped it into a maze, which in German, read, “Will you marry me?” in his field in the Huettenberg area of Hesse, Germany. After the proposal maze was completed, he asked his girlfriend to use a camera drone to check the area for wild boar. The woman spotted the proposal on the drone’s camera and accepted after the farmer presented her with an engagement ring. Later, the farmer and his fiance were surprised to learn that people on the Internet spotted the proposal on Google Earth.

Art of the mixtape

A Swedish woman who was visiting an art exhibit made a surprising find — a mixtape she made that had gotten lost during a trip to Spain more than two decades prior. The woman lost the mixtape in the early 1990s when she was 12 years old and on vacation in Spain with her family. The tape was lost in either Empuriabrava or on the Spanish island of Mallorca. While visiting the Fotografiska gallery in Stockholm, Sweden, she spotted the water-damaged tape and the track list she’d made decades earlier. The exhibit, “Sea of Artifacts” was the brainchild of British artist and photographer Mandy Barker, who stated the tape washed up in 2017 on the beach of Playa de Barlovento de Jandia on Fuerteventura, a Spanish island off the coast of Africa that’s about 1,200 miles from where the woman thought she lost the tape. The tape will be returned to the woman after the exhibit ends.