Dave Hayes The Weather Nut

Best Local Meterologist

Best Local Meterologist - Dave Hayes The Weather Nut

Dave Hayes is the Pioneer Valley’s own down-to-earth, hyper-local weather nut, who has been combining his passion for weather with humor and a knack for explaining meteorological data. Hayes also ranked first place in Valley Advocate Best of the Valley 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015. He says he loves being a part of the western Massachusetts community and is grateful to all the listeners he’s picked up since 2011 when he started. Recently, Hayes launched a new newsletter and a podcast. He says he’s always been fascinated with the weather from an early age and that the Pioneer Valley ’s weather proves to be interesting year after year. “I love the dynamic weather system that move through the Valley and how the terrain affects their presentation ,” he said.

2nd Place

Brian Lapis

3rd Place

Nick Bannin