With the Nov. 3 General Election less and a month away, here are some key voting dates compiled by the League of Women Voters of Northampton:

Voting timeline

Sept. 14: Vote by mail applications are mailed to all voters for the election.

Oct. 17-30: Early in-person voting begins. Check your town clerk’s office for voting times.

Oct. 24: Last day to register to vote for the Nov. 3 election.

Oct. 28: Final day to request an application to vote by mail in the election.

Nov. 3: Election Day.

Voting by Mail

Return your mail-in ballot as soon as you receive it. There are three options for returning ballots:

1. Mail early to ensure that the town clerk receives it before Nov. 3.

2. Place it in a secure drop box.

3. Deliver it to your town clerk’s office during in-person voting times.

A bar code on your ballot allows you to track the progress of your ballot. If you get a “not found” response, go back and check again until you see that it was accounted for. There may be a lag time.  www.TrackMyBallot.com.