Dear Readers,

The Valley Advocate has always been, and will continue to be, a voice for our community. We are committed to make a conscious effort to spotlight voices that are marginalized and provide a platform to say what needs to be said. I believe we understand now, more than ever, that the Advocate serves as an essential tool to show the world how cultural narratives matter. We see our local community joining together to ensure this truth and are reaffirming our commitment to maintaining this platform.

The onset of the pandemic has challenged our business model, dependent on local advertising, like no other challenge before. Nearly 10 months on, there remain some angry tides to navigate before we emerge from the events of 2020. Despite this unprecedented challenge, I am happy to share that we will persevere and will continue publishing the Advocate. In 2021, our first print edition will be published in February, and then every other month after. Additionally, the Advocate will continue to live, 24/7, at

The editorial package of this month’s edition is classic alt weekly. From a post-election look at where we go from here, to a story about the emerging eviction crisis, a feature focusing on the growing (pun intended) marijuana cultivation industry, along with our most popular standing features.

We will see you again very soon and thanks  as always for your support.


— Michael Moses, publisher