What’s 420 all about?

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Celebrate the cannabis holiday with Pleasantrees

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As our favorite green holiday approaches, we want to fill you in on the origins of 420 and invite you to celebrate at two of the best Massachusetts cannabis dispensaries, Pleasantrees Amherst and Pleasantrees in Easthampton.

Nowadays, 420 is a well-known holiday that takes place on April 20th, to celebrate cannabis culture. However, the holiday’s origins have been unclear.

The most credible story to date for 420 goes all the way back to a group of California high school students who met up at a specific location on campus at 4:20 pm to enjoy a smoke in the 1970s. Eventually this evolved into using the term “420” as a hidden reference to all manner of things cannabis.

The students had direct connections with members of the band the Grateful Dead and the term soon found its way into the pages of High Times Magazine, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Celebrating 420 this year? Be sure to stop by a Pleasantrees Massachusetts location to stock up for the big day.

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