Does Iraq have a lot of Playstations?

Now that we got free cable and the big TV, I been catching up with the news. I saw that thing abt people rioting to get that video game what just came out. At first i thot it was more footage from iraq. i know that sounds like a bad joke but it is what i truly thot. Then they showed footage of people goiing shopping the day after thanksgiving and i thot it was footage of a car bomb in israel or somewhere. I know that also sounds like a bad joke but it is truly what i thot. sometimes the clarity with which i realize i was not made for these times is just stunning. I am liking this new TV but watching it is making me neglact my chores. I realized this morning i have not fed my goat Mr. Slippy all week. Now abt Iraq. I been watching the news this week and it seems to me that they shld rename Sadr City. Seems more like Slaughter City to me. And while were at it, someone shld stick the word Body in front of Bagdad. Lets just call a spade a spade and change those names. and a spade for those of you who dont know is a kind of shovel and it is not something that kramer fellow wld say in his niteclub act.

Author: Frank Dodge

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