Dody hit a beefalo in my truck

I cannot believe that as soon as i got my tires back from jake, who had borrowed them again, dody went and hit a beefalo. i always knew those beefalo wld prove to be a menace and i was right. this one just went right thru that fence Travis made. i have told him before, travis those beefalo will prove to be more of a menace than you suspect, and i hae been proven right. this one beefalo just walked right thru that wire fence and set up shop in the middle of the road in the dark. i do not blame dody for hitting the beefalo b/c dispite how big they are they are hard to see. she just plowd right into it. didn’t do as much damage to neither my truck nor the beefalo as she cld have, thank you very much. that beefalo just wandered off into the woods and dody managed to drive my truck down to the store and back w/o much problem. tho now that jake borrowed the steering wheel i will have to wait untill he brings it back to find out what that beefalo has wrought. but anyway, i and jake and dody are going to have to have words with travis. i will post jake in the woods with this rifle we found that has a scope on it, just in case. travis can be a bit prickly abt his beefalos.. But the thing is, first it was all them ostriches, and then it was all them kangaroos and now it is beefalo and lllamas. i just wish he wld go back to growing cows and sheep like everyone else.

Author: Frank Dodge

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