Are we talking abt the moon or abt another place?

Sez here that we’re gonna go to the moon. Well, how about that.

Also sez here we’re gonna spend some dozen billion dollars a year to get there. Sez we’re gonna set up some bases there. Sez it’s a real inhospitable place, that moon, but we’re gonna go. Sez we’re gonna go so we can look around for some valuable minerals. Gonna do some exploring. Eventually, we’re gonna get to a point where people can actually leave these bases safely. It’ll just be for a few minutes at first, then longer and longer. It’s not real safe there on the moon, but we’re gonna make it safe. we got that international station thing already going on with those russians and chinese and other folks, but we’re gonna skip that international stuff. sez here we’re gonna do this moon business by ourselves, but we’re gonna have other countries help out here and there. And it sez here in a few decades, americans will be able to actually live on the moon and be able to come and go from these bases without dying in that inhospitable climate. we’ll have military bases on the moon to protect our investements in the moon, and we’ll have first dibs on the moons minerals and resources and suchlike.

Well, now just hold the phone here. I’m mighty confused.

Are we talking abt the moon or abt iraq?

Author: Frank Dodge

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