Rest in Peace and Power

In response to “Michaelann Bewsee would not stand for injustice,” published on on August 16, 2019. See opposite page.

Who will keep nudging the warming shelters to open before it reaches zero? We will! I held her in high esteem for years. She was a real community organizer. We all mourn her passing.

— Marjorie Morgan, Facebook comment

A sure advocate for the people of Springfield, she will be sorely missed. Michaelann Bewsee, founder of Arise for Social Justice was fiscal agent for Manos Unidas Co-op in Pittsfield before they obtained not for profit status and championed many of the same principles; one of the main ones was to give voice to underheard people!

— Nicole Fecteau, Manos Unidas Multicultural Educational Cooperative, Facebook comment

Rest in Power, Michaelann Bewsee. You were a warrior and touched so many. Thank you.

— Caroline Murray, Facebook comment

It is a gift to have shared this earth and this work with you, Michaelann Bewsee. Thank you for the fierce and beautiful love you shared. Rest in power.

— Pioneer Valley Workers Center, Facebook comment

Inspirational woman, fighting for poor people, improving lives.

— Elizabeth Jesdale, Facebook comment

The Nagasaki/Hiroshima Debate

In response to “Back Talk: Truman made the right decision to use nuclear weapons,” published August 15-21, 2019.

Actually, the statement “it would be difficult to commit more atrocities than Japan did in the countries they occupied” is wrong. The atrocities that the U.S. committed locally and globally is much worse, and it continues to do so. Suggestion: The author needs to check their biases before making such erroneous statements.

— Ocean Eversley, Facebook comment

Japan was all ready to surrender and their only condition was to spare the life of Hirohito, and the U.S. didn’t want that. They wanted to show their might and to please the military industrial complex. None of the citizens vaporized were enemy combatants.

— Mark Downie, Facebook comment

Total loss of life in the two atomic bombings was under 250,000. Two bombs. Prior to that the allies bombed Japan numerous times with loss of life up to 900,000. Massive destruction. Significant loss of allied aircraft and crews, and Japan was NOT going to surrender. Japan and the Japanese were nothing less than brutal towards their enemies. Those two bombs not only forced Japan into surrendering, they saved the lives of 100s of thousands of lives who were not bombed the old fashioned way. It also let the other nations racing to acquire such a weapon know that the U.S. was ahead of them. Do not use your 2019 values in judging the 1940s. It will drive you insane.

— Jason Dunning, Facebook comment

Small Cannabis Businesses in Mass

In response to “Can Small Business Survive in the World of Big Cannabis?” published August 15-21, 2019.

No. Because the state prefers big players. Could apparently give a rats ass about small craft growers.

— Dean Kent, Facebook comment