What happens after the gig is over, the room is reset, and everyone goes home? This is the prompt being posed by a new collective that is organizing a festival later this month by the name, well, After the Gig Fest.

“We wanted to use the phrase ‘After The Gig’ in order to express that these values aren’t just about one weekend, or any kind of performative display,” the organizers wrote in a statement. Adding that “We want to encourage participants, as well as ourselves, to take these shared resources, and these ethics of community engagement and social change, and utilize them in caring and productive ways throughout our daily lives.”

To encourage this ethic, the three day event — 4/20 to 4/22 — will host workshops related to activism and skillshares on music and beyond. Workshops will include consensus building, direct action, and cyber security. And skillshares will consider pedals, synths, music theory, and feminist rock history with Tanya Pearson. The festival will benefit the efforts of the Pioneer Valley Worker’s Center, a group that organizes low-wage and immigrant workers in the community.

The After the Gig collective is a collaboration of Mary Alice Jester, Razi Beresin-Scher, Jac Walsh, Cassie Pawlikowski, and Avery Benton. Some of whom are college students and some of whom are were involved in the now defunct Eternal Slumber Party booking collective. “I feel excited to be a part of this because for the five of us it’s important to invest in Western Mass,” Jester told me in an interview.

Thirty bands will be rolling in from far and wide to play at the Flywheel in Eastampton. Some include Palehound, Strange Fate, Alyssa Kai, Julie Cira, Maxi’s World, Space Camp, and Ursula. And bands that have previously appeared in Basemental include Nanny and Dump Him. Special Moves will be on tour from Olympia and GAZM will be playing Sunday from Montreal.

After the Gig Fest will take place at Flywheel, which is all ages and wheelchair accessible. Ear plugs are available to purchase for 50 cents. Tickets are sliding scale $7-10 on Friday, $10-20 Saturday and Sunday. $25-35 for a whole weekend pass. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. For more info check out https://www.facebook.com/afterthegig69/


6 PM – 11 PM, big kick off gig


1 PM – 11 PM, 2 workshops, 2 skill shares & 10 + bands throughout the day


1 PM – 11 PM, 2 workshops, 2 skill shares & 10+ bands throughout the day

This gig is sure to be excellent and so is everything that happens after.

Will Meyer writes the Advocate’s bimonthly Basemental column, you can reach him at wsm10@hampshire.edu or @willinabucket.