A message best received through music

“The Okee Dokee Brothers” wrote and perform the song: Somos Amigos (we’re friends). The video accompanying the tune showcases the duo joined by four other Mexican musicians standing on a bridge in which one might assume that perhaps it is the Rio Grande flowing beneath. One may also interpret the meaning, in such a setting, as actually dissolving of a border crossing and the bonding of two different cultures through this light-hearted, fun music. Their intentions may be debatable, but the befriending of these two groups is no accident! Peace through music.

— Bill Paul, Chicopee


Connected through the Advocate, 40 years and counting

In response to “Reading His Own CIA File: ‘Left, Gay & Green’ autobiography a coming-of-age story amid turbulence,” published April 4 – 10, 2019:

Thanks, Valley Advocate, for publishing this review of my book. Back in the 1980s, I wrote several articles for the Valley Advocate, and most important, I placed a personal ad in the Advocate in the fall of 1979 and one of the men who answered the ad became my life companion. Now in our 40th year. And I’m sure others found true love in the personal ads of the Valley Advocate!

— Allen Young, Facebook comment


Homeopathy has been a friend for life

In response to “Bringing Homeopathy Out of the Shadows,” published April 4 – 10, 2019:

I am so glad to see that homeopathy is being discussed and presented to the public here. I’ve used it myself for more than 20 years with such safety, satisfaction, and success that it is now my primary form of medicine. It has done so much for me on so many levels over the years that

I could not recount it all here so I will just mention a few of the most important issues it has resolved for me.

Homeopathy normalized my intraocular pressure caused by glaucoma. It did it safely, permanently, and inexpensively. My pressure readings have been normal for five years. My ophthalmologist is now following me as suspect for glaucoma rather than as a glaucoma patient.

When I almost sliced the pad of one thumb off in a kitchen accident I went to the local ER. The doctors there told me the pad would die and slough off. My homeopath treated the injury, and today my thumb is completely normal in shape and size and has completely normal feeling.

I have recovered from complex post-traumatic stress disorder not through psychotropic drugs or counseling but with the help of homeopathy. It has repaired the damage done to me by trauma and done it without the dangers of addiction and the side effects of conventional drugs.

Anyone who finds homeopathy truly has a friend for life!

— Christine Jahnig, website comment


It’s a placebo

In response to “Bringing Homeopathy Out of the Shadows,” published April 4 – 10, 2019:

No, send that nonsense back into the shadows. It’s the placebo effect dressed up in pseudo-science horseshit.

— Brian McDonald, Facebook comment



Good with alcohol

In response to “Bringing Homeopathy Out of the Shadows,” published April 4 – 10, 2019:

When I use homeopathic drops in an alcohol base, I feel wonderful. When I use homeopathic drops in a non-alcohol base, I feel nothing.

— Cecelia Staryos, Facebook comment