Thoughts on the Stop & Shop Robots

In response to “Human Support for the Striking Shop & Stop Workers,” published April 18-24.

I fully support Stop & Shop workers in their strike but I don’t understand the hate for the robot. It roams around the store scanning for things on the floor and then alerts the store paging system to call for an associate to clean up the mess. I’ve seen it get stuck on a napkin. If your job is threatened by this low-tech Roomba, then maybe it’s time to develop some more marketable skills.

— Jessica Cleveland, Facebook comment


Jessica Cleveland, I should tell you this robot is programmable for a multitude of functions. They just started it out as a roomba to desensitize everyone to it. I work at Stop and Shop and I started there about the time they cut out baggers and cut down on cashiers. It used to be a great place to work I guess but I never saw it.

— Heather Anne Miller, Facebook comment


Automation will replace millions of human workers in the next 10-20 years. It’s going to be a slow horrifying grind to joblessness unless a stand is made now.

— Ryan Behan, Facebook comment


Why We Need Trump’s Tax Returns

Al Capone (1899-1947) was a mob boss guilty of gambling, prostitution, bootlegging, bribery, narcotics trafficking, robbery, and murder. When he was brought to trial the prosecutors could not prove anything against him. His underlings were convicted and went to jail but it looked like Capone would go free. However, they got his tax returns which the 1924 law says the IRS must supply upon request by Congress. He was convicted of tax evasion and went to jail for 11 years and died soon after release.

Trump underlings such as George Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen, Carter Page, Roger Stone, and maybe others have pled guilty, been convicted, are in jail, or are awaiting trial. Mueller produced 37 indictments or guilty pleas based on 199 criminal charges. Yet in the Mueller report (apparently) he could not prove Trump colluded with Russia. Trump’s staff has been set up to take the fall. That is why we need Trump’s tax returns. Like Capone no one else can take the fall for Trump’s (possible) tax evasion.

— Malita Brown, Wilbraham


Government Control At Its Finest

In response to “Extravaganja Organizers Seeking New 2020 Venue Due to Age Restriction,” published April 18-24.

What a shame. Remember the good old days when alls you needed was to find a parking spot and have a good time? Now you have to buy tickets and show id? That is government control at its finest. Exactly what this event is speaking out against. Hope everyone who voted for these people are happy with themselves.

— Cory Macdonald, Facebook comment


The Duty of Police

In response to “Woman accuses Hadley Police of discrimination, mishandling her case,” published April 11-17.

Massachusetts General Law specifically states that the police have no duty to protect people, property, nor to arrest criminals. They perform their duty well.

I have helped people put things into storage, and remove them from storage. The client supplied the lock. Some places had a gate. We were also being video taped from at least three different directions. There was no such thing as “I did not see anything.” Obviously the owners of the businesses did not want to be known as a place where things disappear.

Small businesses are always on friendly terms with the local government in a small town, including the police department. I think Barney Fife could have figured out the list of potential suspects. They probably told her to search pawn shops because the type of things she had are unlikely to be in a pawn shop. It would be interesting to see if anyone else has had this happen.

— Robert Joseph Underwood, website comment