Responses to Greenfield’s Safe City Ordinance

In response to “Greenfield is now a Safe City: What’s next for the sanctuary movement?” published November 14-20.

Thank you for your good coverage of this issue, and your ongoing good coverage of Greenfield. I think the word “seditious” was used at the meeting (I was there) and it got misprinted by another paper as “setaceous,” which would be amusing if the individual misquoted weren’t so hostile.

— Hillary Hoffman, Facebook comment

ILLEGAL immigrants, you mean of course? Because the rights of visa holders and naturalized citizens are as well protected as anyone’s. No, you are asking for protections of those who are knowingly violating U.S. law. At least be honest with your language. Very few oppose IMMIGRATION, but the majority of Americans are opposed to illegally entering the country.

— Wil King, Facebook comment

Wil King, you mean like all those Euros back in the day robbing, raping, and looting their way to manifest destiny?

— Safi Omar Andujar, Facebook comment

Wil King, there wouldn’t be such an influx of “illegals” if there was a logical path to citizenship. It takes years and thousands of dollars.

— Josh DeGrenier, Facebook comment

Refugees have Geneva Convention protected rights that the US is ignoring, and instead putting 60,000+ children in cages.

— Ron T. Bee, Facebook comment

Responses about David Kaynor

In response to “Battling ALS, David Kaynor Continues to Inspire,” published November 14-20.

Thank you for the piece about David Kaynor in the 11/14/19 issue. As I have written here before, David was instrumental in the resurgence of contra dancing in the Valley and very likely those who dance today have dances to attend thanks in part to his early efforts. Additionally, he has been very supportive of new callers. When I first expressed interest in calling, he would invite me to call an occasional dance and coached me on the particulars, never asking for anything in return, just enjoying helping a newbie. That is one of the things about David that continues to this day, his generosity,

community spirit, and commitment to carrying on the traditions. We all owe him a great debt and whatever support we can offer in his current situation.

— Gary Powsner, email

Thank you for this article. As a long-distance sister, it means so much to follow my brother’s challenging and sad journey through the media of others.

— Cindy Kaynor, website comment

Thank you for this great article about David. He is my hero.

— Jean Alitz Sagara, website comment

Is An Interrupted Crime Still A Crime?

If two bank robbers are left stranded on the corner because the getaway vehicle is late and are arrested by police, was a crime still committed? The money was returned to the bank and the robbers never got any benefit from it. Nixon never got any benefit from his planned break-in to Democratic Headquarters because his burglars were interrupted by police. Was a crime still committed?

Devin Nunes and others are using the argument that the investigation of Biden, (Trump’s expected political opponent) never took place and the delayed military aid has gone through to Ukraine. Therefore no crime was committed. This happened because the plan was interrupted by a “whistleblower.” Trump had to drop the plan when he got caught red-handed. A crime was still committed, however.

I’m very thankful to the Democrats pursuing this crime. We want to keep our democracy and restore faith in our institutions such as the CIA and the FBI as well as faith in the free press which is critically important. Special thanks to Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. Our nation is forever in your debt.

— Malita Brown, Wilbraham